Which Casino? Helping you to choose

Which Casino? Helping you to choose

Computer games have been in existence since the 1950’s, while gambling has been around for much longer. Since around 1994 online casinos have brought the two together, allowing us to play games wherever we are with the prospect of financial gain. As the years go by, the variety of popular casinos continues to grow with more and more of the best casinos available online, offering new customer incentives for joining as well as more and more varieties of games to play. All of this comes to us without the added cost of casino membership fees, expensive drinks and travel to and from our preferred casino. Online play gives us the freedom of choice; choice of location, games and social company while we play them.

So can I just register and play?

Before transferring funds to an online casino, you should definitely do a little research. There are three types of online casino, each with their own benefits and downfalls.

  1. Instant play: Instant play casinos allow you to deposit and play online without downloading any software. This enables instant play, plus the ability to play on the go using mobile internet without clogging up your memory.
  2. Download-based: Download-based online casinos require you to download software onto your device. This allows for better graphics and sound, and will usually have a wider variety of games available. Preferable if you’re on a PC with good graphic capabilities and storage, however the risks will ultimately be higher if you don’t check that you’re downloading from a trustworthy source. It’s best to check out the credibility of a site before downloading or depositing anything.
  3. Mobile: Mobile casinos are exactly what they advertise. You can play anywhere on your mobile device using the app. The app is usually free, and will have some good features mirroring those on the desktop website, with extra offers and discounts available only on the app.

Choosing a beneficial new customer offer

Casinos will often offer freebies to new customers such as free bets, game credit etc in order to entice you to join them. You could, in theory make your way around reputable online casinos and take advantage of free gifts, saving yourself some cash. To fully benefit from these offers though, it is advisable to do some research.

Terms to consider

  • Is there an expiry date for the offer? Make sure you deposit or withdraw before the expiry date to avoid losing out.
  • Is there a minimum deposit amount to qualify? There’s not much point getting a free £5 to spend if you’re having to fork out £50 to start with.
  • Can you receive winnings on your free bet? Can you actually win using the free bets or play credit?

The Risks!

Once you’ve decided which of the casinos suits you best, you’ll find that you can register with numerous online casinos and benefit from their new customer offers. There is, however, always small print and, online casinos are currently fairly unregulated meaning there is always a risk involved. The names of popular casinos will be advertised at events such as football matches, in magazines or on TV, and will usually be safe to add to your casino list, but checking every one out before playing is a sure fire way to be certain you’re not flushing your money away.

  • Check the reputation. Are there any bad reviews online? Have people got serious complaints? Are they asking for high deposits? Do your research!
  • Check the small print. Do you need to deposit a certain amount to cash in a free gift or offer? Can you withdraw under any circumstances, or are there certain criteria to consider? Is there a minimum bet to place for free bets to be activated? If it seems too good to be true, it very well may be. Don’t get caught out.

Even the best casinos may be misleading with their offers so that you don’t benefit from them, so it’s important that you have checked everything out first.

  • Find the terms and conditions. The website should have terms and conditions available to view. Lack of T&C’s should flag up a warning to either steer clear, or request them from their support contact. Read them, check them!
  • Check payment methods first. Check out the deposit and withdrawal payment methods, and ensure they fit into your own payment requirements.

The Types of Games to Expect

The term “Online Casino” could suggest that available games are limited to roulette, card games and fixed odds games. On the contrary, there is a whole array of gaming options available. Online Video Slots take us away from the traditional casino games and offer an element of fun and fantasy, while still allowing us to place bets.

Manual Flushing

When you register with your chosen online casino, there may be a period where your winnings are not available for withdrawal. This is while the Casino verifies your details, and is a necessary process. While these checks are taking place, you may well be tempted to try and double your winnings in case it burns a hole in your pocket. The best casinos will offer manual flushing which allows you to move your funds over until you are able to withdraw. This removes the temptation to spend, and could save you money in the long run. When making your top casino list, be sure to check if manual flushing is available; it could be a handy little tool.

So, when you’ve done your research, built up a casino list and read the small print, it’s just a case of picking your favourite game and playing. Happy Spinning!