What to look for in good casino games

There’s plenty of variety when playing casino games online, but how do you find the best casino games? You don’t want to waste time on games that are poorly made, boring, or rigged against you. Using the tips below we’ll show you what to look out for when playing online casino slots, or any other casino games so that you have fun and get to play fairly.

How to find the best casino games

Every casino claims to have the best games, but it’s hard to actually find the best games when there are so many to choose from. Online casino reviews are the best source of finding new games. Community reviews not only help inform you of new casinos and games, they also give you feedback on them so that you can decide if something is worth playing or not. Just be aware that sometimes casinos pay companies or individuals to write positive feedback to boost their visibility. Use your best judgement and if a review seems a bit too overly glowing or advertorial then consider maybe it’s not a legitimate review and read another one.

How to pick fair online casino slots

Games of pure chance, such as online casino slots, are the easiest for casinos to rig or cheat. Since the casino develops the game, they get to set how often they pay out. To prevent this, in the UK the Gambling Commission was created in the 2005 Gambling Act. It gained some more powers in the 2014 Licensing and Advertising Bill that requires all gambling companies providing services to British players must obtain a UK gaming license. This ensures that all games offered must be fair. You can easily check the license register to see if the site you are using has a valid license. Needless to say, if it does not have a license then you should avoid using the site.

Warning signs when gambling online

There is some information you should always check up on before gambling online. You will want to know how the site accepts deposits and what your options and restrictions are on withdrawing. It’s the worst feeling in the world to win at an online casino only to find payout restrictions makes it incredibly difficult to withdraw your money. Check the currencies the casino both accepts and pays out. Check the methods of deposit and withdrawal. Check if there are any wagering restrictions, such as requiring that money must be gambled before it can be withdrawn. Check if there are restrictions on how much money you can withdraw at once and how many times you can withdraw in a set period. When you’re playing for real money, you want to know you’ll be getting real money in return if you win.

Staying safe online

Needless to say when real money gets involved there are plenty of scammers willing to take advantage of carelessness. Pay attention that the casino you use is properly encrypted when making payments (look for ‘https://’ in the web address, usually accompanied by a green lock icon). Unencrypted payment pages allow your card details to be intercepted by online criminals. Remember to keep your password secure as with any other site and never respond to requests for your password from anyone, no matter who they claim to represent.

Be careful when opening emails and following links from online casinos. Make sure that the email is definitely from the casino. A popular tactic of online scammers is to send fake emails looking like they came from a casino with links to pages that look exactly like the casino. The only difference is the site actually belongs to the scammers, who are hoping you enter your username and password to login. They then capture that information and use it on the real website to access your account and steal any funds you might have. If you try to login to the casino only to find nothing happens when you’re sure you’re entering the correct details, it’s a good sign you’ve been scammed. Immediately go to the real casino website and change your login details if this happens.

Online gambling is both fun and convenient, but there are plenty of dishonest online casinos trying to profit from careless or unaware people. By using the simple tips in this guide you should be able to identify the best casino games so you can play safe and securely while avoiding all the rubbish.