Getting VIP Status on A Casino Is Definitely Worth Your While!

Are you spending a lot of time and money playing online casino games? Then, you shouldn’t miss out on the amazing VIP programs which casinos offer.

To attract more and more long-term gamblers, online casinos have exciting VIP programs.

Getting VIP status on a casino is definitely worth your while!

How Can You Become A VIP At Your Online Casino in the UK?

Online casino VIP programs reward the high rollers and the most loyal gamblers. You can become a VIP gambler in two ways, automatically, or by applying to join.

When you sign up with some new online casinos, you are automatically rewarded with VIP membership, and receive various no deposit or first-time deposit bonuses such as Free Spins, 100% of your deposit up to a certain limit etc.

The second and most beneficial way to become a VIP member is by invitation from the casino itself. If you’re a loyal player and wager a lot of money, the casino’s staff will be tracking you and send you an invitation to join the casino’s unofficial and exclusive VIP program. These types of programs have the best incentives and are customized to fit your personal needs.

Types of VIP Programs in Casinos in the UK

Online casino loyalty programs have different levels. You should focus on getting to the highest level to enjoy the best value for your money. The standard norm is five levels, but some online casinos have up to ten levels. Each level is usually named after precious metals like Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum etc.

To bring a breath of fresh air to the industry, some online casinos take a different approach to naming their VIP levels and use action figures, superheroes, belts, or trophies etc. All passionate gamblers around the UK are loving it.

A Few Types of VIP Casino Rewards

Online casinos offer two different types of VIP bonuses; they’re either match bonuses, which you will receive when you deposit money or free bonuses which the casino offers occasionally.

Match bonuses come in the form of High Roller Bonus, Monthly VIP Bonus, Reload Bonuses etc. Free Bonuses can be granted by the online casino as Free Spins or no deposit bonuses.

Another perk you have if you’re a VIP is that you receive free gifts such as cash back, which is used frequently by Poker VIP Programs, and different gifts like Free Spins, Free VIP Points etc.

High Rollers who’ve reached top VIP levels will have special concierge services offered by the online casino. They’re focused on streamlining the big spenders’ gambling experience.

These services include having a personal VIP Account Manager assigned to the VIP player, immediate pay-outs (same-day or within 24 hours), high deposit limits and much lower gambling requirements.

So, How Do You Reach Higher VIP Status?

Each online casino has its own rules when it comes to reaching higher VIP levels. However, there are two standard systems used to determine your level of the VIP rewards programs.

Online casinos use the point system, either based on wagering or deposited money.

The wagering point system establishes your level depending on how much money you gambled. The way it works is that for every X amount you gamble, you receive Y number of points. These points decide your VIP level. However, consider that each casino requires a different number of points for each level. Some casinos will allow you to also exchange your points for Free Spins, money or other perks like paid vacation packages, tickets to different games etc.

The point system based on deposited money determines your VIP status depending on the total value of the deposits you made within a certain time frame. The period varies from one casino to another. Some casinos consider the time frame from when you joined, while others have specific periods set.


Now that you have a clear overview of why you should become a VIP at your online casino, make sure you enjoy an amazing gambling experience and join the VIP club.

You won’t regret it.

Getting VIP status on a casino is definitely worth your while!