The search for the best online casino bonus – a short guide

Casino bonuses can seem so attractive. Who wouldn’t want the chance to win many times more cash than they usually would when playing at their favourite online casino? It is definitely worthwhile comparing a few different casinos, here, so that you can find new casinos with great bonuses. Below is a quick guide to searching for the best ever online bonuses at UK casinos.

Know your bonuses

Before we start, it is a good idea to know what kinds of bonus are out there. Here are some of the most common.

Deposit multipliers

These bonuses take your initial deposit and multiply it several times. For example, if a particular bonus offers you 3x your deposit, when you put down £100 you actually get £300 to play with. Often, such bonuses are only available on initial deposits (i.e. only available for first time players at a given casino).

Free spins

Usually, when you play at an online casino, you will have to ‘spend’ points, chips or cash in order to spin a roulette wheel or crank the handle on a slot machine. However, with free spins you get a certain number of spins, cranks, or other ‘goes’ at a game for free.

Winnings multipliers

With these bonuses, the amount that you win will multiply by a given factor. For instance, say you have won £100 and you have a bonus code that multiplies your winnings by 3. That means that you will actually take home £300.

A simple way to choosing the best casino bonus UK

A very simple way of selecting a bonus to use is to simply compare a few online casinos and choose the one that offers the biggest bonus, or the most bonuses. But, there are a few considerations that you ought to bear in mind, and these are outlined below.

Expiry dates

Sometimes, bonus codes will expire before you have time to use them. There is no point in signing up to an online casino in a rush and playing before you are ready just so that you can use a bonus code that expires tomorrow.

Restrictions on the bonus itself

Does the bonus code only apply to initial deposits? Do you have to sign up for an expensive account in order to use the bonus? Do you have to have won a certain amount at the casino (which will usually be less than the amount that you will get from the bonus) in order to withdraw any money? Check out if any of these restrictions apply to the bonus and then consider whether it is still worth using the bonus code.

Fees and commissions

Some online casinos offer you some very attractive looking bonuses but then they take all of the money ‘back’ as it were by charging you very high commissions on your winnings, large account fees, and hefty fees whenever you make a withdrawal. It is important to balance all of these factors out before you jump right in and start signing up so that you can use those bonuses.

Use those bonuses like a pro

Now you are ready to use casino bonuses in a measured, smart way – and in a way that will actually give you more of a chance of making a profit at a given casino. So off you go: start comparing bonuses and using bonus codes right away to get larger deposits, free spins and more winnings at all of your favourite UK casinos.